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Farming the Desert - Transform Desert in Green (Africa)

Farming the Desert - Transform Desert in Green (Africa)
"The necessity to continue support for agriculture and grazing is essential. Farmers must be aware of good seeds and ploughing equipment. The presence of the millet
mill will ease the burden of women who serve their families, prepare meals, ensure education for their children and clean the house constantly because of the sand
that makes way everywhere. Malouma, head of the Women's Committee of Wabonde in Southern Mauritania, her head, wrapped in flamboyant scarf, sips her tea while reading
off a list of village needs. And in a country where silence and patience are synonymous with austerity and hospitality, listening is crucial.
The desertification and degradation of natural resources were also threatening arable lands in South-West Mauritania, where entire villages faced multiple challenges
to sustainable management of natural resources and environmental problems.
As the best conditions to protect crops from environmental and climatic hazards were not in place, farmers and villagers were reluctant to invest in agriculture.
But without producing enough food, their livelihoods were under the constant threat of food insecurity.
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