Malku Institute of Technology Mission

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Welcome to Malku Institute of Technology!

We are an international educational organization that seeks to develop entrepreneurs in rural and urban communities with high quality, efficient, accessible,and affordable education.

We provide a wide range of Vocational certificate level courses, Professional development and up-skilling courses, Business courses, IT and more. All at cost effective prices.

We are on a mission to be a beacon of exceptional, innovative and productive learning – a catalyst for the creation of sustainable jobs, by empowering youth and adults with a market demand and solutions focused education and training.

Son Shine Christian Association Scholarship Fund Inc is a US 501 c3 charitable organization registered in the state of Florida that provides financial support to Malku Institute of Technology.

Malku Institute of Technology Ghana Campus is registered as a Ghanaian Educational Corporation. We are registered with the Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training - COTVET in Ghana.

Malku Institute of Technology’s goal is to create a cohesive, complementary and catalytic learning environment that serves to:

  • Provide world class practical education that empowers people to combat and escape poverty, disease, injustice and oppression, to pursue their aspirations and actualize their God given potentials.
  • Support the sustainability and diversification of global economies, and efforts to alleviate poverty and raise quality of life, through a culture of self reliance, sustainability, and commercialization.
  • Facilitate the research, diffusion and application of adaptive applied science technologies and techniques that increase productivity and efficiency for people of all economic levels, and support the exploration of the rich resource base for the development,
  • improvement and commercialization of beneficial products for both local and foreign consumption.
  • Build local human resource capacity in the area of spiritual, economic, political and social leadership, by preparing and equipping the youth and leaders – through quality practical leadership and entrepreneurial training – to more effectively lead, build, and create opportunities for their brethren, and impact their communities.
  • Educate, train and mentor current and next generation educators in special education, in order to develop the capacity and culture needed to address the catastrophic effect of the spectrum of disabilities on the lives of the disabled, and integrate this vast neglected and often unemployed population into the economic fabric of their communities.